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What does the revenue analytics tool allow you to do?

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How is HubSpot currently implemented on the homepage of IDnow.io?

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What is a static list?

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What can you insert within a piece of content to let visitors navigate to that section
without scrolling?

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What are the stages of a buyer's journey?

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What is the main difference between sequences and workflows?

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What might you purchase from the HubSpot asset marketplace?

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What is not a suitable integration option between Salesforce and HubSpot?

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HubSpot uses SEO recommendations to help improve your website. What would adding
meta data help do?

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One of your client's businesses has two domains (idnow.io and idnow.de) and
you have contact records associated with both domains. Where do the activities
associated with these contacts appear?

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You are double checking if the tracking code of HubSpot is embedded correctly. You see the HTTP Code 304 in the network console of your browser. What does this mean?

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By default, HubSpot includes a sales pipeline with seven deal stages. Which of these is
NOT a default stage?

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A HubSpot campaign tracking code tracks traffic from all website pages, landing pages, blogs, and any other pages. What is the timeframe for a session?

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What is the name of the feature that shows multiple versions of your material depending
on the viewer category?

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What do enrollment triggers do?

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Which of the following data mappings between Salesforce and HubSpot is not valid?

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Which of the following is NOT a type of service report?

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What is the HubSpot shortcut symbol for snippets?

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Which of these is NOT a way to segment your contacts?

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What should you be cautious of when synchronizing data between Salesforce and HubSpot?

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Which CMS is used for idnow.io?

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Which of the following is NOT a lead capturing tool within HubSpot?

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What will a sequence automatically do by default when a task is not yet done?

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How can you check if a specific contact meets your list criteria before you create a list?

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What do enrolment triggers do?

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What is NOT a typical UTM Tracking Parameter?

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When you see the following URL “https://www.idnow.io/crypto/#form” in your browser, what does the last part “#form” mean?

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What is a potential pitfall of integrating Salesforce with HubSpot?

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Which of these is NOT a contact property?

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To limit the number of records you see for analysis, what can you filter by?

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SSO may be set up for private content on HubSpot. What does SSO stand for?